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Vadim Subbotin talks about blockchain for copyrights in the newspaper Vedomosti

Copyright for new creative works

Blog posts, podcasts, music beats and neuronet pictures are the new copyright objects. Their status has no legal regulation yet. How can authors protect their rights?

Blockchain for copyrights

"One of the solutions for protecting intellectual property rights can be blockchain based digital data capture services", says Vadim Subbotin, the head of project development department of the MoviesChain by tvzavr (the platform directly connecting independent filmmakers with viewers). "For example, the allocated registry technology provides access to the relevant intellectual property information to any Internet user without involving any third parties. That ensures security, transparency and provability of copyrights", he explains.

Thus, using the personal account on the MoviesChain blockchain platform by tvzavr, the copyright holder gets real time statistic info about his content. "The MoviesChain works based on the IPChain principle", explains Krichevsky. "The IPChain based services have extended the possibilities for intellectual property protection to the maximum", he continues: "The n’RIS service allows to secure, protect and engage any objects in economic circulation, and the Online Patent provides digital patenting".

The possibility to use digital services for copyright registration is a big step towards the integration of modern technologies into legal sphere, and it becomes an additional tool for protecting intellectual property rights", says Kostyra. However, she notes, such services still need to be promoted.

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