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Interview with Vadim Subbotin at the press conference «Participation of the Russian delegation at the 72nd Cannes film festival»

The blockchain project for distribution of Moviesсhain by tvzavr films was presented in the Russian pavilion at the Cannes film festival in 2019. On the eve of the international news Agency Russia Today held a press conference "Participation of the Russian delegation at the 72nd Cannes film festival and the film market Marche du Film". The speaker of the event was Vadim Subbotin, head of the development department of Moviesсhain by tvzavr. In an interview with Ekaterina Mtsituridze Vadim told how to distribute independent cinema using blockchain.

nterview with Vadim Subbotin at the press conference «Participation of the Russian delegation at the 72nd Cannes film festival»
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I want to ask Vadim how the Movieschain platform will work inside tvzavr?

Hello everyone, thank you for the opportunity to participate in the conference. I am the head of the development Department of the project Movieschain by tvzavr. It is a decentralized platform that allows independent film producers or independent film distributors to reach a wide audience and deliver their films directly to the viewer. How it happens: our platform is a personal account in which any rightholder or distributor can register, fill in the data about himself, go through the approve with our managers, then they will contact him, check whether it is really a person or a figure for which he pretends to be, after which he can get access to upload content to our platform. When the content is uploaded, our employees will monitor the quality of the content, that it does not contain illegal things and that we are ready to publish it. In the interface, the rightholder will be able to fill out more detailed information about his video: title, name of the director, uploading of posters, trailers, and so on. At the last stage, all this information and video material passes approved and is added to the catalog of the tvzavr cinema.

Can any independent producers work with you?

Absolutely anyone. This is the idea that any independent author can register with us. After the content is fully approved, it goes to the movie library of the online cinema tvzavr and becomes available on all platforms around the world: Web, Smart TV, Apple TV, iOS, Android.

Does your company adapt content?

Adaptation is done by the author, we provide only the platform, and we also have the ability to download subtitles. If you plan to distribute in a country where another language, the video can be supported with subtitles. Many people have a question, why do we need blockchain? How exactly is this technology used in our platform? The main role of the blockchain is in transactions; full transparency of payment is achieved both with the purchase and with the transfer of our ZVR and TVZ tokens to the right holder or distributor. Thus, an independent audit is achieved, any person can access the network who has access to the global Internet and see how much content has been sold and to whom.

That is it is impossible to wind something?

It is impossible, the network is decentralized, servers are located all over the world and it is impossible to falsify data in any way. Another moment, since it is a cryptocurrency and we encrypt traffic, we give all the content in encrypted form and help copyright holders and distributors to fight piracy. Plus, our platform will also be interesting for those who do not have the opportunity to invest in the marketing and advertising infrastructure. Those who shoot the author's independent film, will receive a wide audience around the world. In short I would like to tell you about the online cinema tvzavr. It was founded in 2009 and now the collection of films has more than 50000.

For 10 years?


More Russian or foreign films too?

Content is very different. And there are many Russian films and foreign films, including TV shows and cartoons.

And a short movie?

Yes, any movie. Thank you for your attention, if anyone has any questions I will be happy to answer.