MoviesChain was awarded by RAKIB
Alexander Pavlov, General Director of TVzavr. Photo by Leonid Kazarinov

MoviesChain was awarded by RAKIB

The project MoviesChain in 2018 was awarded the "Blockchain economy", receiving an award from the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB) in the category "Best digital practice in the application of the blockchain in the media environment".

RAKIB President Yuri Pripachkin personally presented the award to Alexander Pavlov, General Director of TVzavr Development, and commented on the choice of experts:

«Why MoviesChain? This is a real platform completely built on the blockchain. This is a breakthrough in media history. Because the media industry is waiting for a change in the relationship of cinema producers and distributors, and MoviesChain is in the forefront of this process. Many people had similar ideas, but Tvzavr is the first to implement them.»

In May we developed the internal currency of the service ZVR and now all calculations are performed using it. Our platform allows filmmakers to independently place their new movies for online viewing, reducing marketing and distribution costs.

Forward MoviesChain by TVzavr!